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All papers will be:
  • Submitted for indexing to IEEE Xplore (
  • Submitted for indexing to EI Compendex
  • Selected papers will be recommended for publication in special issues of SCI indexed journals

Claims on EI

The ICMLC organizers have always been very conscientious about our claims on EI and other publication related matter to avoid misleading potential participants. The fact that all ICMLC proceedings since the first conference (2002 - 2021) are indexed by EI (Compendex) (ICMLC 2022 proceedings have been submitted to EI) (click here to see the detail) is a strong evidence to support our belief that the proceedings of ICMLC 2023 will also be indexed by the EI.

作为会议组织者,为了避免误导潜在的投稿者,我们一直以非常谨慎的态度处理关于EI检索和其他出版相关事宜。不过ICMLC自2002年至2021年的所有会议文集全部被EI检索 (ICMLC 2022会议文集己提交给EI)(点击查看详情)这样一个事实,给我们以强而有力的信心相信ICMLC 2023年的文集也会被EI检索。

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