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Measurement of pigs by RGB-D camera and its application to low-birth-weight infants
Dr. Kikuhito Kawasue
  • Faculty of Engineering, University of Miyazaki, Japan
Pig weights are important indicator for the healthcare and the economic operation of pig farms, and the development of a system to easily estimate these weights is desired. Although load cells are usually used for actual measurement in pig farms, it is not easy to guide pigs weighing more than 100 kg to the scales because many pigs do not like to get on the scales. Therefore, a convenient pig weight estimation system using RGB-D sensors has been developed. An RGB-D sensor is used as the sensing device for weight estimation. Weight estimation is performed on 3D point cloud data of photographed pig images. When capturing pigs, it is desirable to have a constant camera orientation toward the pigs However, it is not easy to always capture from the same direction because pigs move around quickly in the piggery. A method with a high degree of freedom in the capture direction by exploiting pig symmetry of the pig’s body is introduced in this paper. The system is applied for a wearing device using AR (Augmented Reality) glasses. In addition, its application to non-contact body measurements of low-birth-weight infants will be presented.
Kikuhito Kawasue Ph. D. is currently a professor at University of Miyazaki. Born in Nagasaki Prefecture in Japan. M.S., Nagasaki University (1989). Researcher assistant at Sasebo National College of Technology (1989). Visiting Scholar, Florida State University (1994). Ph.D. Nagasaki University (1996). Assistant Professor, University of Miyazaki (2000). Associate Professor, University of Miyazaki (2007); Professor, University of Miyazaki (2011). The "AI glasses that can see pigs' weight" was selected as one of the "Top 10 Agricultural Technology News in 2021" by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan. The technology of the "The AI glasses" has been translated into five languages and introduced under the name "Sow-ter" on the official website of the anime "Dragon Ball.

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