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Invited Session

  • 1. Wavelets and Signal Processing(download pdf)
    Wavelets and multiwavelets are frequently used to extract and process information from various kinds of signals such as sound, electromagnetic radiation, seismic waves, and images. They have been an evolving subject of intense interest and have broad applicability in signal processing such as noise suppression, compression, communication, and identification. In this session, we focus on methods of constructing (multi)scaling functions, investigation of their analytical properties, and their applications to filter designs. Properties such as interpolation, biorthogonality, balancedness, approximation order, symmetry, and regularity are main topics.
    Submission Topics:
    • wavelets and mutiwavelets
    • construction of (multi)scaling functions
    • filter design
    • signal processing
    Submission Method:
    Authors must submit an electronic copy (in word or pdf) of their complete manuscript directly to the Session Organizer ( by April 15, 2014
    Prof. Zhong ZHANG
    Hiroshima Institute of Technology, Japan
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